We are open 7 days a week. 

All check-ins, pick-ups, and tours are

done by appointment only.

All check-ins and check-outs are done by appointment.

These are appointments with us, so please treat them as such.

Business Hours for Appointments:

Mon-Fri: 8-11 am; 3-7 pm  (closed 11-3)

Sat:     8:30-11 am; 3-7 pm  (closed 11-3)

Sun:     9-11 am; 4-7 pm  (closed 11-4)

We take our last appointment 15 minutes prior to closing.(10:45, 6:45)


Please Note Our Daily Closed Hours Above 



Upcoming Holiday Appointment Hours (check-in & pick-up):

Memorial Day weekend:  Normal business hours

Independence Day:  Closed

Labor Day weekend:  Normal business hours

Thanksgiving Day:  Closed

Christmas Eve:  8:00-Noon

Christmas Day:  Closed

New Years Eve:  8:00-Noon

New Years Day:  Closed

Visiting us:
We welcome you to come take a look at our facilities, but because you must enter the property through our front play-yard, and guests can be out playing at any time, all tours and visits are done by appointment.  Just give us a call to schedule a visit.  If you cannot make your appointment for a visit, please call, so we can go ahead with our play times for the dogs. 


**On occasion, some visitors want to bring their dog(s) with them on their tour of the kennel, and that is fine.  However, you must provide proof that their vaccinations are current, and meet our policies, in order for them to enter the facility.  Please understand that this is for the protection of all our guests, and will also protect your loved one during their stay here.

Also, this is not some sort of corporate kennel with many employees and 100 guests.  Because we work from 6 am to 10 pm, and we keep such a small number of guests, we take our "breaks" throughout the day, between play-times.  The kennel gates remain locked between appointment times for the protection of our guests, and again, we schedule appointments for everything so we can schedule the things we need to do around them.  (clean, run errands, eat meals, etc.)

Thank you for your cooperation.