Our guest rooms are completely climate-controlled & range from 32 sq ft - 48 sq ft!

A comfortable dog is a happy dog!

We proudly offer guest "rooms" so our guests feel more at home, and our guests spend hours a day outside doing whatever they like.
Potty breaks begin at 6:30 a.m. or earlier, and end at 10:00 p.m or later.  They spend 3-5 hours outside per day, depending on the weather conditions, and each dogs' health and temperature tolerance.  (See the playtime page for more info on play.)  The rooms are for eating, sleeping, and just relaxing after playing outside, unless you request otherwise. 

We have 17 guest rooms, and offer 3 sizes for our guests comfort:

10 - 4 x 8 rooms  
3 - 5 x 8 rooms
4 - 6 x 8 rooms
Our low nightly dog boarding rate applies to families with multiple dogs whether your dogs share a room with each other, or you prefer they stay in separate rooms.  We understand that some housemates need their space, and will be happier staying in separate rooms.  We also do not charge extra for the larger rooms.  We built them for our guests comfort.


Each guest receives a small treat every time they go back to their room, except at breakfast, dinner time, and last potty break at 10:00 pm.  They get very excited about this when they come in from playing.

Each guest's food, personal treats, and medications are kept on their shelf in the office that has their room number and name listed on it, which matches their room number and name listed on their guest room door.  

All guest rooms:
- Are fully climate-controlled (both A/C and heat)
- Have 8 feet tall, solid walls, with an open top
- Have metal doors with large tempered glass front, partially covered by a white-metal privacy screen, and two security latches.

- The floors are seamless, waterproof, and bacteria-resistant. 

Guests from the same household or family are welcome to share a room as long as none of them have food aggression.

We built the 7 larger rooms to accommodate giant breeds and families with multiple large dogs.  We will reserve those for our guests as needed.  Please expect a 4x8 room unless we have discussed using a larger room and reserved it for you.


Bringing a Crate:

If your dog is used to being crated at night or while your are away, or feels that it is "it's space", we recommend you bring the crate if your dog will feel more comfortable.  We will leave the door to the crate open so they can choose to either lay in it, or not, whichever they prefer.  Our rooms are ALL big enough to house a large crate, a large dog, and food & water bowls.  Many of our our guests have their crate in their room with them for comfort.  Some use it, some don't, but it can be there if they want or need it.


Our rooms and building were designed to meet the needs, comfort and safety of all our guests:

1) Some guests will prefer a more private environment, and some will want to be in the middle of everything.  The rooms have tall, solid walls and metal doors with large tempered glass front windows.  This provides our guests with an added sense of security and privacy, not to mention noise reduction.  This design also allows all our guests the ability to easily see and hear what's going on.  The doors also have an added white, metal privacy screen (they can see out clearly, but other guests can't see in the room well) and 2 additional exterior safety latches.  (We never want to underestimate the intelligence of our guests!) 
 **If you have a pet who has shown, or you know is capable of, extremely destructive behavior (chewing walls, trim, window edging, continuously jumping up on glass, or you think they may seriously try to get out, above and beyond normal dog behavior {we once kept a wolf-hybrid that REALLY tried to get out}), and you do not wish your dog to be crated while in the room, then this is not the place for your pet to stay.  We gladly keep dogs who are destructive due to separation anxiety and things of that nature, but only when they are used to staying in a crate, and can stay in a crate, that you provide, while in their room.  Except for during the night, they will not be in their crate for more than 2-3 hours at a time.  See our Policies page for more information.

2) The kennel building is on a slab, constructed of solid steel welded framing, fully insulated metal exterior walls and roof, and the interior is finished out with residential quality wood framing and walls.  The floors are seamless, waterproof, and bacteria-resistant. 
During a storm, it is every bit as safe as a home.

3) We have 3 Air Conditioner/Heater combination units (4 in the summer) for our guests comfort and safety.  One is in our office, a large one is in the addition, which contains 5 rooms, and the largest is in the main lodging area, containing 12 rooms.  All operate independently so we can ensure our entire building is comfortably and adequately heated and cooled 365 days a year. We also have ceiling fans throughout the lodging areas.

4) In the lodging areas, there is relaxing music softly playing, night-lights in both of the hallways and in our office.

5) Our entire property, kennel building, and all play-yards, are treated monthly by a professional pest control company for ants, spiders, fleas, ticks, beetles, crickets, etc.  We ARE out in the country, so we take pest control and our guests safety seriously.

*We have a back-up power source in the event of any power outage.