We've added quite a bit since we first opened.

Check it out.

Some of the pics may appear sideways on a mobile device.  This page is best looked at on a desk top.

Above is the original building.  Below is with the addition built in 2011.  We added 4 large rooms.

Above is the rear of the building after we built the addition.  Below are partial views of the two rear play yards.

Titan and Dax were looking for presents under the tree Christmas morning.  Silly Boys, the treats are inside!
They don't mind playing a little bit when it's 12 degrees outside,
because it's 70 degrees inside and they warm up quick.
Above is the main kennel hallway, with 12 rooms.
Below is the new addition hallway, with 5 rooms.
Both buildings are air-conditioned and heated.

Sweet Callie & Oscar Oh-Oh, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in a 6x8.
Shadow, the Border Collie, in a 4x8.
Jeremy, the Mini Schnauzer, in a 4x8 (before the new floors) 
Alice in a 4x8 (before the new floors)  She likes to sleep in her crate sometimes, so there's plenty of room for her crate, and for her to
sleep outside of her crate if she prefers.  This is our smallest room
and it's big enough for this Doberman, and her Doberman-sized crate
too!  No problem.

This is Ace, the Yorkie, in a 4x8 (before the new floors)

This is Dennis & Jeremy, the Mini Schnauzers, in a 6x8 (before the

new floors) 

Lots of play area for these fellas.

Mom & Dad brought everything Dozer, K-Dog & Augie needed for a sleep-over!  They're all tuckered out. (before the new floors)  These
are 3 LARGE dogs.
This is Hondo, AKA "Yella Bus" in a 6x8. (before the new floors)  As
you can see, this big beautiful Lab has lots of room, even with his
crate and his big fluffy bed.  He likes to sleep in the crate & on his
bed. Here, he can do both. (He had just come in from playing and got
a drink...drip, drip)
Below is Vixie, Shaydie, Kika and Sasha.  Their parents asked that
they eat their meals inside their crates, like they
do at home.  No problem. 
of their crates fit in their room, and the rest of the day they
share the room together, with their crate doors open, in case
they want to go in.

Saydee & Bailey can't wait to get back in their room. It's dinner time!

This is the East side of the office, which includes the bathing area.