Hours of outdoor play and human

companionship are included.
That's right- No extra charge.

Our guests receive 3-5 hours of daily outdoor play, weather permitting. 

(They still go out throughout the day when it's raining, just for shorter periods)  They go outside to play about every 2 hours throughout the day and into the evening, for anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour each time, depending on the weather conditions, but typically 35-45 minutes each play period.  Each guests' age and health are taken into consideration.  If a guest wants to go in to lay in the A/C or heat, we let them go in. 

We keep our play groups fairly small, usually 4-8 dogs per group, so the guests don't get overwhelmed or stressed.  However the smaller dog group can be larger.

We have over 24,000 square feet of outdoor play area, divided into 4 play yards, each offering sun & shade.  Having 4 play yards allows our guests to spend more time outside, in smaller groups, have lots of space to play, and also gives them a change of scenery each time they go out. 

Guests go out with other guests of similar size, and we also break them up into groups of similar play style.  All guests have to be able to get along with, or at least tolerate, other dogs, and the dogs that may be on the other side of the fence, without running the fence and barking aggressively. (There is limited availability during our busy times for dogs that need to be kept alone in a yard because they aren't comfortable with other dogs).  For those guests who are not interested in lots of running and "playing" due to age, health, or their personality, they can just come out and explore and be loved on. The other dogs recognize that they don't want to play, and respect that.  They will be supervised and played with by a caretaker.  That's why we're here!  To spend the day with dogs! 


Play times and duration will be adjusted daily depending on the weather and temperature.  On hot days, play times are shorter, but occur more often, so the guests don't get over-heated.  As we stated above, some may want to go in before others, and we oblige. 


Each guest receives a small treat each time they come in from playing, except at breakfast, dinner time, and the last potty break at 10:00 pm. 

To ensure our guests' safety, each play yard is surrounded by 6 ft. chain link fence, has a double-gated walkway into any adjacent play area, and is well lit by flood lights when our guests are outside after dark.  All entries to the property are also double-gated and remain locked unless guests are checking in or out.  Our entire property, kennel building and play yards, are treated monthly by a professional pest control company.