Please take a moment to review our polices.

Vaccination Requirements:
-Rabies: yearly or every three yrs, depending on the city in which you reside. (Next "due date" should be listed on the records if it is not given annually)

-DAP-PV:  (Distemper/Parvo) Can be yearly, every 2 yrs, or every 3 yrs, depending on what your veterinarian administers.  It will be stated on their records, and must be current according to their records.

-Bordetella: (Kennel Cough) Once every 6 months

Even if the record states it's good for a year, it MUST have been given within 6 months of their stay.  We also suggest getting this vaccine at least one week prior to arrival for best results.

***Canine Influenza Vaccine is not currently required but we HIGHLY suggest you vaccinate your dogs for this***

Proof of current vaccinations that meet our policy is required before any canine may enter the facility, whether it be for check-in or accompanying their owner for a tour.

We ask that you provide vaccination records at least several days prior to check-in, preferably right away, to avoid any last-minute problems.

Spay/Neuter Requirements:

All guests over the age of 6 months must be spayed or neutered.

We recommend your pet be on a flea & tick preventative.  We want to keep our facility and property "flea-free", so if fleas or ticks are present on your pet, a treated bath will be given at the owners expense.  The charge for a "Flea Bath" is $30-$50 per dog, based on the size of the dog and severity of the infestation.  We will also have to wash their bedding if fleas are present, and that will result in a $20 fee.  It's much less expensive to administer flea preventative.

Your pet(s) must wear a secure collar and be on a leash when they arrive for check-in and when they leave after check-out.  This is for their safety.  We are "out in the country" and do not want anyones pet running off.


All check-ins and pick-ups are scheduled by appointment in advance to prevent confusion, assure personal service, and prevent guests from coming into contact with other guests and their owners.  Please treat the appointment as such.

If you are ever running late or early for your appointment, please contact us prior to your appointment time to let us know.  If you need to change the time previously scheduled, please call us ASAP so we can make any necessary adjustments to our schedule to accommodate you.  Otherwise, we may not be available when you arrive. 

Appointment times affect our guests play times, our families meals, our cleaning schedule, and our entire day.


You should provide an adequate amount of food for your pet(s) stay.  (Please DO NOT pre-bag each meal) This policy is to reduce the possibility of an upset stomach and/or diarrhea due to the change of food.  It's always better to send a little more food than not enough in case there was an error made when measuring or you are delayed on your return.  Any unused portions will be returned.  Dry dog food must be brought in a resealable container.  A hard plastic pet food container from a pet store, Target or Walmart is preferred.  (not a plastic bag, because those can be torn open)  It must be completely resealable.   
The most popular container that people provide are variations of the ones to the left. 
<<<<<  They are air-tight and come in various sizes to fit your need, and most fit on the shelves in our office, which are about 16 inches tall.

This is to ensure we NEVER have a bug-problem due to food being kept unsealed.  PLEASE do not send a giant tub of food unless that amount of food is necessary for their stay.  Send the appropriate amount of food, in the appropriate size container(s).  We simply don't have space for several of these large containers in our office, and they can't go on the shelves with the dogs belongings. 

Treats should be sent in a separate bag or container from their food.

If your pet runs out of food during their stay, we will purchase more food for your pet, and the owner will reimburse us for the cost, plus pay a $20 trip fee for us having to go purchase it.  To avoid this fee at pick-up, please provide enough food for their entire stay.

Please send their bowls, but not breakable ones.  If you have a large or giant breed who uses raised bowls for better digestion, please bring them.  We provide sanitary bowls if you forget yours at home.  Ours are multi-sized, stainless steel, non-skid bowls and completely sanitized between guests.

All guests MUST be completely house-trained.

For this reason, we do not keep dogs under 5 months of age.

You must provide your pets bedding, even if it's just a soft towel or blanket.  We require this because we think it's important to keep familiar smells close to our guests, and they also need to sleep on something other than the hard floor.  Even if they sleep on tile at your home, they are not in the comfort of their own home and will do much better with something to sleep on.  A soft towel is better than nothing.  Understand that some dogs become destructive in unfamiliar environments, and the bedding could be damaged or destroyed by your pet during their stay.  This does not typically happen, but we want you to know it is a possibility.

We have balls, chunk-its, and frisbees for playtime.  We eliminated the ropes because of possession issues.  If you have any toys you think might help your pet(s) feel more comfortable in their room, (i.e. their own ball, squeaky toy, stuffed animal, etc.), feel free to bring them, but understand that some guests become destructive when in a strange environment.  Any items you bring could be damaged or destroyed by your pet during their stay.  This does not typically happen.


We require our guests be in reasonably good health.  We are not trained in veterinary services or to care for animals with special health needs.  We will administer medication for minor, non-communicable health problems. We do not do injections.

If we detect a developing health concern, we will contact the owner and follow their instructions.  If the owner cannot be reached we will contact the veterinarian the owner listed on the guest profile sheet, at the owner's expense, for instructions and provide transportation if necessary.  In the event of an emergency, we will contact the owner as soon as possible, but may contact the veterinarian first if we feel urgent care is needed.



First and foremost, we do not keep dogs with dog or human aggression, or a history of biting.  Even dogs that have alone playtime have to be able to get along with other guests through the fence in other play groups.  They also have to be able to be let-out by both men and women.  If your dog has a severe fear of men, then, we're sorry, but we cannot keep it because Allen has to be able to take everyone out too. 


If your pet becomes destructive (chewing or tearing up the wall, door, trim, etc.) it may be crated while inside the guest room, but this will not affect their play times or any other aspect of their stay.  It is very seldom that a guest needs to be crated unexpectedly, but we want to be sure you are aware of the possibility that this could occur if it becomes necessary.  Crating when a guest becomes destructive is best because it protects our guests from injuring themselves.  If your pet is used to staying in a crate at night or while your are away because of destructive behavior, please bring it.  We have ample space in every room for a moderately large crate (not giant), a large dog to lay outside the crate, food & water bowls, and room to stand in front of those bowls. If you have an extra-large dog, with an extra-large crate, you will need one of the larger rooms (at no extra charge), so please check with us for availability.

If you have a pet who has displayed, or you think is capable of, extremely destructive behavior, and you do not wish for them to be crated while in the room, this is not the place for your pet to stay.  We don't want to have to repair excessive damage, and we also don't want to have to charge a customer for damage when they pick up their loved one.  Unfortunately, both will occur if damage is caused by your pet. 

If for any reason, we feel your pet cannot be controlled, you will be contacted and you must arrange, at your expense, for your pet(s) to be picked up immediately.  This is for the safety of your pet, other guests, and our staff.  We will refund any unused boarding charges that have been paid, less any expenses for repairs associated with your pets behavior.  We will take whatever measures are necessary to protect all our guests and staff, which includes removal of a guest from the property.

Holiday Reservations:

*We have a 3-night minimum stay during the weeks of Spring Break, July 4th, Thanksgiving break, and Christmas break through New Years day, or after, depending on Christmas break dates that year.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you shorten your reservation by more than 1 night from the initial dates you reserve during the weeks of Spring Break, July 4th, Thanksgiving, and Christmas week through New Years day, you will be still be financially responsible at check-in for ALL of the dates listed on the initial reservation and deposit forms, less the 1 night allowance in date change.   


Our peak periods require a 2-night deposit, and except for the periods listed above under "Holiday Reservations", have a 2-night minimum charge:

*Spring Break  (includes 3/8/19-3/17/19)
Memorial Day weekend  (5/24/19-5/27/19)

Summer months (June, July, August)

*July 4th week (includes 6/28/19-7/7/19)
Labor Day weekend  (8/31/18-9/3/18)
*Thanksgiving week  (includes 11/16/18-11/25/18)

*Christmas break (includes 12/21/18-1/08/19)
*New Years Eve/Day (12/31/18-1/1/19)

A credit card deposit equaling 2 nights charges will be collected upon making the reservation, and will be deducted from the total due at check-in.  If you cancel your reservation at least 14 days prior to your reserved check-in date, the deposit will be fully refunded.  If you cancel your reservation within 14 days of the reserved check-in date, the deposit is non-refundable.  For example, the deposit for 1 guest would be $60, and the deposit for 2 guests would be $100.

The "Deposit" form located on our Reservation Forms page would need to be completed and returned to us for processing in order to secure your reservation.  This form will not be kept on file after the reservation dates and the information will not be entered or stored on any computer.  These forms are shredded after they have served their purpose.