Please check for availability before going to the trouble of filling out all of the forms. 

Click: or call 214-534-9608

(Texts to this number will not receive a reply)

The printable Reservation Forms are located at the bottom of this page.

We've added a printable "boarding checklist" to this page. It's easy to forget important items when you're in a rush, so we hope this helps.


Review our "Policies" page so you know what you need to bring, or just look at the checklist.


New Customers:

All applicable forms must be printed, completed, and sent to us via fax or scanning and emailing, in order to reserve a room. 

If you do not have easy access to a fax or a scanner, you can download an app to your smartphone, called "Genius Scan", and scan and email them directly from your phone by taking pics of each form.  Just be sure to crop the photos to show only the form when editing before you send, and use the black/white edit to make the page white.

We cannot accept normal pics of the forms or shot records taken with your phone, because they print grey or tan and are not legible or printable.

After the initial reservation forms have been received by us, they are held in your permanent file so that all future reservations will only require either an email or the Previous Customer- New Reservation form to be completed, reflecting your name and the dates and times you want.  If you gain a furry family member between visits, you will need to send in a Guest History for your new dog for our records when you send in the next reservation form.  See the "Reservation Instructions" below for details.  Shot records can be sent as soon as possible, but are not required to make the reservation.  Due to limited space and demand, we cannot "pencil you in" and wait a few days for the reservation forms.  We do understand that when it's a last-minute trip, sometimes it's just not possible to get it all to us in advance.  (The Holidays listed at the bottom of this page require a credit card deposit, and all forms must be submitted to secure the reservation)  We will have to have all forms completed and proof that all required vaccinations are current at check-in.  Space availability should be checked via phone or e-mail prior to completing the forms.  We will contact you after receiving the reservation forms to address any questions we may have, and confirm the reservation.   


NOTE:  We've had a few issues with new customers not being completely honest on our forms in an attempt to hide personality problems or health issues that could potentially be a problem with us keeping their dog(s).  For example, if your dog is blind, that's important for us to know.  (Seriously, people have left that information off the form.)   You should be completely honest when completing the Guest History form.  If you do not disclose past or present aggression, or personality issues, and your dog shows aggression towards us or other guests at check-in, we WILL NOT check-in your dog.  We do not keep aggressive dogs, and that will not change just because you are here, and ready to check-in.  The well-being of all of the guests and our family comes first.  It's a peaceful and playful environment, where the guests know they are safe from harm, and we will keep it that way.  Keep this fact in mind when deciding if this is the place for your dog, and if it really can be peaceful or playful around others.

Attention Previous Customers: 

If we have kept your pet in the last 9 months, and none of your contact info or your pets care and feeding instructions have changed, simply send me an email with the dates and times you like for check-in and check-out.  The below reservation form is not necessary.  Your email will be used as a replacement. 

If we have NOT kept your pet in the last 9 months, please complete the "Previous Customer - New Reservation" form in order to make a new reservation.  It's short and sweet.  Please check our "Rates" page for any changes in rates or discounts that may have occurred since you last visited.  Also, be sure your pets vaccinations are current, double check that the Bordetella has been given within 6 months of the dates you are requesting.  Thanks!

If you haven't made a reservation in over 4 years, your file is shredded, so you'll need to send in new forms.


Holiday Deposit:

The following peak periods require a credit card deposit for the equivalent of 2 nights stay for your dog(s).  ($66 for one guest, $110 for two, etc.)  If you cancel your reservation at least 14 days prior to your scheduled check-in date, the deposit is fully-refundable.  If you cancel within 14 days of the scheduled check-in date, it is non-refundable, which also means non-transferrable.  The "Deposit Authorization" is required to secure your reservation on these Holidays and peak periods.

NOTE:  We DO NOT keep your card info on file for future reservations, or enter any of the information into our computer, so it cannot be hacked. 

Spring Break

Memorial Day weekend

Summer months (June, July, August)

Independence Day (includes July 2-6)

Labor Day weekend

Thanksgiving week

Christmas week

New Years Day  

The exact dates that require this form change every year, and are listed on the Policies page.