Please take a moment to find out what

makes us so different from other dog boarding kennels.

At Tru Luv Kennels, you will find a warm environment that is safe, clean, and comfortable.  This is a dog boarding kennel where your baby or babies can come stay, play, and be loved.  We are family-operated, so your dogs will know us, and we will know them, and a bond will be developed between us.  They will have their own bed, their own food, and their own toys to help them feel more comfortable and keep the familiar smells and tastes of home with them.  They will stay in a large guest room that is climate-controlled 24/7, and customers are not charged extra for our larger and extra-large rooms.  They will have lots of potty breaks, 3-5 hours of daily outside play throughout the day (weather permitting), and lots of human companionship.  Whatever makes them happy is fine with us. Whether they enjoy Frisbee or catch in the play yard, or just sitting on the ground getting tummy rubs and being talked to, we've got it covered.  Our focus is on making our guests very comfortable, giving them love and attention, and making their time here most enjoyable, while also offering this at a reasonable price.  T.V's, decorations, and elaborate landscaping cannot make up for lots of human contact, exercise, companionship, familiarity, comfort, and love. 

That's our belief, and that's what makes us different.

We would like to make sure our guests are under as little stress as possible while they are with us, so we are offering some personal touches to their stay:    

- If your pet is used to being with human companions ALL day, then we can put their bed in the office and let them spend some time hanging out with us, watching us do our thing, when there aren't other guests coming and going from the play areas.


- If your pet usually sleeps in a crate, and that is where it feels safe, we welcome you to bring it.  We can leave the door to the crate open so your pet can go in and out at it's leisure.  Because they are 8 feet deep, even our smallest rooms offer ample space for a large crate to be placed in the rear, and still allow your pet to have room to lay down, eat and drink in the rest of the room. Our larger rooms can house multiple large crates and dogs, and still have room to spare. 

We offer all of this for NO extra charge.


We've received some calls from people who thought we were a "special-care" facility.  Please allow me to clarify our services.  We do not want to represent ourselves as being qualified to take care of guests with "special needs".  We do administer medications if necessary, and our guests receive lots of love and human contact.  But we are not qualified to take care of guests with serious health, personality, or behavioral issues. 

We do, however, take special care of our guests.....each and every one!